Mom & Me

Mom & ME Personalization Kit

Often imitated, never duplicated!  Mom & ME offers replacement and enhancement pages to to transform your child's The Story of ME baby keepsake album when they're being raised by a single mom.

Mom & ME features 14 completely rearrangeable and discardable pages which capture alter the family tree to include if your child's biological father is involved or not, additional information and photos of mom, special engagements, and more.

Pages Include:

Replacement Front Cover / Mom Only Family Tree Replacement Front Cover / Mom & Biological Father Family Tree
About My Mom (Front & Back) About My Biological Father (Front & Back)
Special People in My Life (Front & Back) Special Times, Just Mom & I (Front & Back)
Creation Pages (Front & Back)  

Personalization Kits for Your The Story of ME

Because every family, just like every child, is unique, Perfect Memory Creations offers a variety of personalization kits to enhance your child's memory album to create a story that describes their life, not one pre-determined by a store-bought baby book.

See Other Families' the Story of ME Creations

We encourage and enjoy seeing the pride other families take in creating their child's personalized story.  Look for inspiration or fun.  Engage on ideas people have used to make keeping up with The Story of ME as simple as possible.

Kyle’s Story – 08/19/2000

by Brea Berman-Black | March 18, 2016 |
Kyle's Story - 08/19/2000 This was the first version of The Story of ME printed in November 2001.  Using my son Kyle as the guinea pig was so much fun!  This early version had oversized pages and bold, unexpected graphics.  The "hanging baby" was my......
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Tessa’s Story

by Brea Berman-Black | April 1, 2016 |
Tessa's Story Tessa's story began in 2006 when her grandmother presented this book to mom. 1 2 3 Biggest Challenge(s):   Favorite Page(s):  ...
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