Inspiration to Create Again

Inspiration to Create Again

Re-establishment of The Story of ME baby book for sale is something each of my customers can thank the dozens of excited families who encouraged (it actually looked more like begging!) me to fulfill that one last order for their third, fourth or fifth who already had their stories told by Perfect Memory Creations.  We opened the business but the intent was to sell just a book or two per week, and keep the creations coming for my daughter, Hailey, to contribute new inspirations as her teen years would eventually lead to the need for employment.

For those not following our family's story, understanding Hailey is an important part of what makes Perfect Memory Creations so perfectly imperfect.  Hailey was my challenging child.  We all know what that looks like.  But by age seven those challenges became real concerns.  She refused to walk for more than a few minutes.  She had fits of mania that terrified us.  She couldn't bend over and touch her knees.  She didn't play like other children.  And without notice her face would turn stark white and she'd just not be "present."  After finding a doctor who actually listened to us and months of testing, Hailey was diagnosed as one of the youngest children in the country with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (P.O.T.S.).

But, that's not the story we're telling anymore.  Hitting age 13 and her symptoms are improving, "normal" functioning is establishing itself and she even ran cross country this year!  But when that wasn't Hailey's story, we were introduced to Claire.

Claire is a volunteer with the Cleveland, Ohio JCB Big Brother Big Sister Association.  Claire... she brought the song back into our lives.  And now, after three years of being Hailey's big sister, she's expecting her first, and that love inspired me to create again.  But this time, with Hailey at my side.

It started with the simple desire to find the most elegant fabric, representing Claire's classy simplicity and musical skill, to create the most beautiful The Story of ME we could design.  We couldn't stop ourselves there.  People have been calling, emailing and posting about the desired return of my beloved keepsake boxes.  So, we figured we'd try it out for Claire.  Then, Hailey asked how difficult it would be to make a blanket to match.  We put our brains together, created and experimented.  First with a blanket for my sweet step-daughter, Rebecca (using one of her favorite fabrics), followed by using the minky to test-run one for Hailey.  The third blanket, this one for Claire's precious baby, came out perfectly.


But, this was Hailey & me... and we're two peas in a pod.  So we couldn't stop there!  We've been toying with an idea for years to re-create the picture frames we designed that never really took off the way I'd hoped.  But this time, we made it work on the first shot!

Claire will be presented with her presents next week.  Her baby will bless our lives in another five months.  We know that life is going to evolve for Claire in her new family and maybe the "big sister" events she shares with Hailey could become less frequent.  But the song in our hearts, the inspiration to create again, is a gift Claire has given to both of us.  May this love we experience grow into something that blesses each of your families.

UPDATE:  Here is Claire receiving her gift....

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