Kyle’s Story – 08/19/2000

Kyle’s Story – 08/19/2000

Kyle's Story - 08/19/2000

This was the first version of The Story of ME printed in November 2001.  Using my son Kyle as the guinea pig was so much fun!  This early version had oversized pages and bold, unexpected graphics.  The "hanging baby" was my most favorite part and the "Universe of Inclusion" was vital to how I first imagined The Story of ME to be shared.  Over the course of the following decade, these themes and pages changed substantially based on feedback from our customers.

  • Biggest Challenge(s):  Keeping up with what pictures I should print to go into what area in the book and realizing I missed a fun entry because I didn't have a list of all the untraditional sections and experiences I could document.
  • Favorite Page(s):  I really enjoyed filling out "The Things I Do & Say" and the family pages.  What seemed like Kyle said or did every day skipped my memory as soon as he stopped doing it.  This way I can always go back and get a huge smile from those memories.

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