Author:Brea Berman-Black

Inspiration to Create Again

Re-establishment of The Story of ME baby book for sale is something each of my customers can thank the dozens of excited families who encouraged (it actually looked more like begging!) me to fulfill that one last order for their third, fourth or fifth who...


Humble Beginnings

The past 2 months have been a great journey down memory lane.  Each one comes with its' own story.  This one is about the base binders. Many don't know that the fabric-covered binders were not an original plan, but rather an emergent desperation to a horrible...


Catching Up with Old Friends

Re-Connecting with Old Friends This journey of re-introducing The Story of ME has been humbling, inspiring, exciting, overwhelming and terrifying - each within about an eighth of a second from each other.  That's about the speed my brain goes these days. I've been blown away by receiving one...